With gratitude - ahhh for oolong

Day 8

I should probably be thankful for Diet Coke today but I'm on a mission to kick my habit. Water, water and more water needs to be on the menu. Plus I've been reading about all the health benefits of tea lately. So I have a container of tea in the kitchen which I hope to work my way through. It's a bit of an acquired taste to me so it may take some time (and sugar or honey) but I'll get there.

While at our local Caribou Coffee a couple of weeks ago I decided to try a Pomegranate Vanilla Oolong Latte. It sounds complicated but really its just DELICIOUS!!! My home version is pretty close and involves only steeping the 'sachets' in hot milk and adding a dash of vanilla extract.

Tea + skim milk = a healthier drink alternative for me
Never mind its getting cold in North Dakota so something warm is a little better tasting these days than the old stand-by Diet Coke. So today I'm thankful for a new drink that I love and is much healthier for me than DC. Sorry Coca-Cola!

With gratitude,

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