With gratitude

Thankfulness Challenge Day 6.

If you grew up anywhere near where I did you have probably been to, heard of or watched a game of Fighting Sioux hockey. I was lucky enough to grow up attending many, many of their games. I remember going when I was little enough to be lifted up on my dad's shoulders when the team scored to cheer with the crowd. I have very fond memories of games sitting next to my grandpa. He was always there and usually ate some popcorn as I recall. Our family traveled to watch the team a few times. We all have great memories of a trip to Milwaukee and a national championship. My dad even made a mad dash downstairs at the end of the game to get us championship t-shirts. My first date with Mr. M took us to a game. I happened to have a job that got me involved in the grand opening of perhaps the most wonderful college hockey arena in the country. Now I get to take two little girls to games and they get to eat popcorn with their grandpa (usually followed by ice cream which has become a 1st period break tradition).

Miss A loves the games and has been going since she was still in an infant carrier. This year she is actually starting to pick up the game. She notices the score for reasons other than fireworks! Miss K has gone since she was teeny tiny as well. She however is still excited to return to "Sioux hockey" because there are fireworks and she gets treats.

No matter what its been a great blessing in our lives and we've enjoyed many hours of entertainment (lots happy and some disappointing) at Sioux hockey games.

Go Sioux!

With gratitude,
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