So I can't seem to find motivation to get moving. Exercise is not my favorite thing to do. Fortunately I'm able to skip it and still fit into most of my jeans (good genes, I guess). However, I really need to get back on the bandwagon. So I am contemplating signing up for a half-marathon. Years and years ago I completed one. Operative word, completed! That was my only goal and I did it. Now perhaps its time to try it again.

I would also love to cross that finish line and show 2 little girls that anything is possible if only you set your mind to it.

It will get me exercising on a consistent basis and may help those jeans to fit just a bit better!

What's motivates you to put on your sneakers?

Oh...and if you decide to join me...http://www.dickbeardsleyrun.com/. You get to run around a beautiful lake in the heart of Minnesota lake country.
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