Miss A-isms

So today I'm trying to catch up on a little blogging while watching re-runs of the Rachel Zoe Project on the aforementioned favorite channel, Bravo. here are a few Miss A quotes that I've had waiting to be shared.

Mr. M: So you're going to be a flower girl.
Miss A: Yes. Isn't that exciting???

While swimming/floating in the lake on a sunny, hot day...
Miss A (to Mr. M): We're livin' the life Dad! Living' the life.

Said to her grandparents while Mark was grilling and I was sitting outside with him...
Miss A: What are they doing talking outside? They're married. They don't need to talk.

As Mr. M and I were trying to 'secretly' figure out what to do one afternoon...
Mr. M: Are you thinking R-A-M-O-N-A...?
Me: Yes.
Miss A: What are you talking about?
Me: Never mind.
Miss A: Well, you're saying something. What is it?

Gotta love it, don't ya?!?!!!


Coming soon...

August was a very exciting month for our family. I promise to catch up and write about it very soon.

One of our exciting events was the wedding of my cousin and his new bride. Our girls were priviledged to be flower girls. More to follow....

I promise to be in touch soon!

A few favorites

So I wanted 'a few favorites' to be a part of my blog. I happen to be a lover of many things and an avid shopper (to the chagrin of my dear husband). Once in awhile I'll share something I've found that I love. I may have purchased it and be using it or I may just love it and hope to find an occasion to use it one day. Or I may just really like something about it and want to share it with you.

My first today is this fabulous lip balm/gloss/SPF protection from freshI'd been seeing it in many, many magazines and had already tried the plain (no color) version which I loved. This incarnation is Rose and lovely.

  • Silky, not sticky

  • Has just enough color to make it look like you've been tasting a Popsicle (perfect for summer!)

  • Has SPF 15 which is an extra good-for-you step.

Now I've started seeing a plum addition. Guess what I'll be getting when fall rolls around!

Secondly and not nearly as exciting but oh-so important is a great facial cleanser. Trust me, I have tried LOTS and LOTS of them. I've also discovered in the last couple of years that I tend to have dry skin. So...while reading a dermatologist-written book I discovered CeraVe cleanser and lotion. The bonus of the whole deal is its available at drugstores and locally for me at CVS pharmacy/drugstore. That also means no shipping and handling and a reasonable price, hooray!

My first favorites but definitely not my last. What are some of your favorites?


Cool stuff

So I just discovered Lisa Leonard is doing a giveaway! She has a terrific blog {click here to read} and super-fun jewelry {click here to shop}. I happened to get a Father's Day gift for Mr. M from her as well.

Anyway, here are a couple of my favorites.

family crest necklace
I love initials and this is perfect!

key to my heart necklace
I love, love, love this. The key for Mr. M of course and then the sweet charms for my sweet girls. Does it get any better?!?!?!

fly free necklace
I love this sentiment in general but perhaps its especially fitting as I am officially the mother of a school girl this Wednesday. Kindergarten here we come!

Lisa Leonard also has a son who will soon have heart surgery. Say a prayer and think good thoughts.

What's your favorite? Comment and let me know.


7 things...

I just found a new blog and had to share. It's called the good life for less. I know, the name is so good you HAVE to check it out! I'm still reading posts but came across Jill's "7 things" post and just had to do it myself. Here are my 7 things....

1. I love Bravo TV. Real Housewives of XYZ, Rachel Zoe Project, Flipping Out, Top Chef, {dot}, {dot}, {dot} Don't ask me why...I already know I have better things to do and other things I should be doing. For some reason I love these shows and they are my escape from the day to day of mommyhood.

2. Kindergarten will be a good thing. Kindergarten will be a good thing. My new mantra. I completely understand that I will be unhappy/sad/overwhelmed for a few days but Miss A is VERY ready and VERY excited. Each morning I get an update of how many days remain until she can go to school. I'm trying to appreciate the way she says it, "...until I CAN go to school," because in a few years (or maybe a few days) it will be "...until I HAVE TO go to school". I'm going to be a bit sad but she is ready for more than I can give her at home and its time for new adventures.

3. I really like "new car smell". It probably goes back to the car dealership in my family. It's a great smell that can't really be duplicated. Guess I'll have to make a trip to the showroom soon:)

4. Carbs, carbs, carbs. I don't know what I'd do without you. Thankfully my genes allow me to enjoy you and get away with it.

5. Blogs are wonderful! Thank you to those of you who have them and share with others.

6. Even on my worst days I try to remember to be grateful for all that I have which is far more than one should enjoy and experience. I'm one lucky girl!!!

7. The Container Store could keep me occupied for nearly a full day. My closet is much more efficient and pretty since they designed it for me.

What are your 7 things? Put them in the comments or link to your blog. Can't wait to read them!


Birthday girl

Today was Miss K's birthday. She is already three years old! I'm not sure where the last three years went. Seems like just yesterday we were patiently (and then impatiently) waiting for her to arrive. Then I guess I blinked and suddenly today is upon me.

Now she is walking, running, jumping and dancing. She's talking (after lots of extra work!) and learning new words each and every day. She is singing and has a pretty decent voice too. She has earned the nickname, Sarge, as in Sergeant. I really don't need to say much else, do I? She barks orders, likes, dislikes and sometimes her next move. She will always say such things with confidence and enthusiasm. As in, 'This is the way we're going to do this!' 
Miss K is lovable and loving. She likes to cuddle occasionally so you better take what you get. She's always willing to give you a hug and/or kiss though. She is very concerned about her big sister. Dropping Miss A off at her Intro. to Kindergarten class was painful until she realized it was just temporary and we'd pick her up again soon. When its just she and I we have to get treats for Miss A too. She never forgets! She asks about her daddy each morning and nearly each time we arrive back home.
She is very, very funny. Miss K says funny things. She does funny things. If you watch closely, I think you can see her wheels spinning. You'll always be entertained at how she plays and the determination with which she does each thing. She also 'cooks' up lots of great treats in her kitchen.

Another note about that determination I mentioned, if you ask Miss K do do something she is not interested in doing, be prepared. She will look at you and sweetly say, "no," complete with smile and maybe even a wink. 

Miss K you are quite a little lady. You make us smile and laugh each day. You also frustrate us (mostly me, I think) on occasion. I know, however, that the independent spirit you have will take you far in this world. Remember to go your own way and do what you love. I can't wait to see what you do with your humor and hard work. I'm sure you'll accomplish great things!

Happy Happy 3rd Birthday Miss K!

May your wishes come true!

Something about a fair

There's just something about a county fair. Each summer we take the girls to this little county fair near by. It's small, full of enough rides to keep them entertained and busting with people Mr. M and I grew up with, stay in touch with or just see once a year as though no time has passed.

Sometimes the pictures are all you need to see. I hope you all find a fun summer fair. Remember its not really a fair without...

...a parade

...a bag for the candy (you have to be prepared)

...a princess...a REAL princess

...a game

...a ride on the choo-choo train (notice the fish)

...a red car that goes fast

...and a snack, of course.

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