With gratitude

Day #4.

Today I'm thankful for something you may remember from your childhood. I don't remember having it at our house on a regular basis but I do remember often mixing up a pitcher of it when we were busy playing at our neighbor's house. Nothing like a tall glass of cold Kool-Aid to quench childhood thirst and make you ready to head back outside.

Now they make a sugar-free version. A little friendlier to my waistline and nearly as tasty. My current obsession is the tropical punch variety with lots of ice in the glass. It may be strange but its something I'm thankful for. Tastes better than a plain old glass of H20. (Please keep this little tidbit to yourselves as my husband raises sugar beets and would probably prefer I mix up the original stuff with a couple cups of American Crystal Sugar's best. You can rest assured that I eat plenty of that in other stuff.)

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