With gratitude

Thankfulness Challenge Day 18.

Candles. I have a thing for candles. I don't know why or where it came from. I just love them! My favorites are apple scented or citrus. My current favorites are the Harvest Apple from Bath and Body Works. I've gone through a few of these babies between our house and the lake.

Next is a very recent find. It's Clementine and Clove. Citrus is my other favorite. I love anything orange, tangerine or the like. So I came across this at Target. It smells like something I call 'Russian Tea'. You may have another name for it...a mixture of Nestea, Tang, cloves and a few other spices. Anyway, it cures any cold you have or at least is hot and tastes good on a sore throat. Bonus: it comes in a mercury glass container (I have a collection!).

The picture wouldn't work but click here!

Then there is this little wonder. I've long since burned it up but I loved, loved, loved it. I can't really describe what moss smelled like but it was wonderful. I was more than a little sad when it was gone. Part of the charm was the quaint little shop I got it in last winter. Charleston, South Carolina. So beautiful, so fun!

I just love when the house smells wonderful when I walk in the door!

With gratitude,
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