Small town days

Mr. M and I were lucky enough to grow up in a small town just north of where we currently live. He works there every day and the girls and I make the trip often. We're lucky enough to have family on both sides of the family there so it's a no-brainer!

Recently we joined a few others (really more than a few...I suppose a few hundred) to celebrate this great little town. A place where you know those who live there. A place where I grew up riding bike over to both of my grandparents' homes. A place that will always be a bit of home no matter where I go or what I end up doing.

Miss A and I began the day bright and early to walk in the inaugural Relay for Life walk/run. I really should have taken a picture or two (bad mommy blogger!). You'll have to use your imagination but it involved Miss A on rollerblades with a pink Barbie helmet. She skated the 1-mile loop (a.k.a. was pulled by Grandma and Mom) while my mom and me walked. We may have finished near the end of our division (you are really slowed down when you have to pull a 5 year-old, ocassionally on gravel) but we got medals!

Then it was time to get ready for the parade. Miss A rode in the back of a shiny black pick-up with me and Miss K got to ride in a tractor with Mr. M. She was most excited to throw candy although I have a sneaking suspicion more ended up in her mouth than out the window!
We ate at the park, watched some dancing, played at the playground, got temporary tattoos, saw kids of all ages race tricycles down Main Street and capped off the night with some great fireworks.

Let's get this parade going.

Riding with Mr. M in the "tacter"

A view from the box...as we rounded the corner Ally said, "Oh Mom, there are thousands. Hundreds!"

A wonderful day in a wonderful place.
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