Today my dear daughters wanted to go bowling. This past Monday afternoon I took them bowling. We had a blast but I wasn't exactly jumping up and down to go again. So...I mentioned I'd like to go to a movie.

After we all scrambled to decide what to do I jumped in and out of the shower, threw on some clothes and declared that I'd just run to a movie and they could do what they wanted. "Have fun!", I hollered as I ran downstairs.

Off I drove to the nearest theater. I bought my ticket, popcorn and Diet Coke. I found a seat and enjoyed a couple hours of pure bliss!

Some people may think that is very strange. I, however, am perfectly content to sit in a dark theater all alone watching Sex and the City 2. No one asked me to hold their popcorn or take them to the bathroom. I got to choose which movie I wanted to see (and it wasn't animated). I got to choose my own snacks. I didn't have to keep track of 3 jackets (mine and two smaller versions). What a treat!

Movie ticket = $7.00
Popcorn and soda = $5.50
An afternoon at the movies...alone = bliss

By the way, the movie was pretty good too!
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