Everything is fun to this girl

I get several catalogs in the mail. Many just appear without my ever having ordered anything from the company. While I know I should take my name off all lists and just look online (to save the environment, postage costs, etc.) I admit I LOVE them. I love to get them and browse through them. I love to get ideas about what clothes are cute together, neat accessories for my house, fun shoes, the latest and greatest lip gloss, etc.

Last week in my plain white mailbox the early summer 2010 Serena & Lily catalog arrived. I looked through it and found a rug I loved, some fabric that would look great on my dining room chairs and the most adorable nursery collections.

Their nursery collections are named. One is green and pink with a damask pattern. It also happens to be named Kate. Which also happens to be the name of my second adorable and sweet daughter.

The collection's description reads, "Kate is entertainment. It doesn't matter what she's doing; everything is fun to this girl. She sees life as one big treasure hunt, and she's got the map. And darned if she doesn't already know where her treasure is buried."

I realize those words were written by someone who has never laid eyes on my darling daughter #2. The author, however, could have spent the day with her. My Kate is entertainment. You can sit back and watch her all day long. You'll be endlessly entertained. She makes you laugh with her funny faces, her determination for whatever she's doing, her independence, her endless ability to snack while never actually eating a complete meal. It's all very comical if you're not her parent trying to teach things at times.

Everything is fun to a 2 1/2 year old who can keep herself busy much of the day. Going from one thing to another. She may be found making cookies in her kitchen, ringing up items at the cash register or calling into its intercom, "price check!".

Her latest treasure is chewing gum. I don't ever remember it being so fascinating to me but she LOVES the stuff. Give her a pack and she's good to go for the day. One piece at a time (or perhaps 2) will be carefully unwrapped, wrapper thrown into the trash and gum carefully chewed until she deems its time for another or an alternative snack is found. A girl's got to eat, right?!?!!!

She is independent and will let you know what she needs or will happily play on her own until that point. If she doesn't care to do whatever you have in mind she may smile, look at you out of the corner of her eye and say, "no", in the sweetest, kindest way you've ever heard. That's Kate! To know her is to love her.

She's is truly entertainment and one of my two greatest treasures!
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