Dear Oxy-Clean

Tonight I was ready to relax on the sofa with a DVR full of reality TV. When all of a sudden a lovely child wandered down my stairs. She needed some help before she could nod off to dreamland. Well, as she was sitting on the coffee table to chat she tipped over a glass of RED TROPICAL PUNCH. I may have muttered a word or two as I watched the sweet liquid splatter across my lightly colored carpet. The lovely child returned upstairs. I found you in the laundry room, mixed you with water and started scrubbing and hoping. As I poured a bit more on the currently pink carpet you worked your magic.

My carpet looks like its back to normal (light with flecks of blue, not pink). I have returned to my reality tv and life is good. Thank you for your magic. 

A tired, but grateful mom

P.S. I'll use a sippy cup next time.
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