With gratitude

I was listening to the radio today and caught a chat about gratitude. Apparently people who practice gratitude are healthier in mind, body and spirit. It just so happens that I have many, many things to be grateful for. Makes complete sense to me.

Today my 3 year-old decided it was just fine to head to a drop-in childcare center for awhile...all alone. I will admit it shocked me when she said, "Shooooe." (sure in Miss K-speak). See she hadn't gone there alone before. We pulled up and she happily ran in, took off her shoes, sanitized her hands and let me lift her over the gate. Off she went directly into the Dora the Explorer playhouse. She was happy as a clam.

I returned a couple of hours later, errands and appointment finished, to pick up a very happy little girl holding a beautiful picture she couldn't have possibly colored by herself. It was just for me though!

I'm also grateful for the lovely outfit the previously mentioned little girl wore outside to play after dinner. Picture this:
Fuchsia flower girl dress
Light pink cowboy boots
Dora's lavender backpack
Bright pink swimming hat (tied under her chin)
Target plastic shopping bag in hand

I'm sure it's exactly what I'd wear to look at the trees, climb up to the playhouse and 'gallop' on a play horse.

What are you grateful for today? Post a comment!

With gratitude,
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