I have Sirius/XM Radio in my car. Once in awhile I listen to a bit of Rosie Radio (Rosie O'Donnell) if my girls are entranced in a movie (we also have a DVD player in our car...I know...very lucky!). Rosie's guest yesterday was Neil Pasricha. Neil began a blog about 'awesome things' after his marriage fell apart. Apparently his wife decided she didn't love him anymore and they both respected each other enough to end the marriage and kindly part ways. Not exactly sure how that happens but I digress.

Neil started the blog and set out to list 1000 Awesome things. Awesome things include:
  • #998 Getting grass stains out
  • #956 Using Rock-Paper-Scissors to settle anything
  • #483 Do nothing days
How true are these??? Each one is so, so, so simple, so universal and so awesome.

Side note: My dear Miss K (2 years old) has mastered the art of Rock-Paper-Scissors. She gets ready with fist in hand, pounds the rock-paper-scissors and them immediately sighs audibly and lets her arms fall in defeat as she is sure she's just lost the current round of the game. It's really quite entertaining and so fun to watch you don't want to let her know she has won, if in fact she has beaten you!

I'm going to start reading through the list. Click here if you'd like to do the same. Neil also has a recently released book. Guess what I may be getting before a trip to the lake or an upcoming road trip?

I think we all need to spend a little more time enjoying the Awesome things in each day...like the beautiful flowers outside my door, the green grass all around, the glass of red Kool-aid that hasn't spilled yet tonight or the quiet of a house with 2 little girls sound asleep after a fun day!
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