I voted!

I've been away from blogging for far too long but its November again so I want to jump into the month of gratitude again.

Today is Election Day 2012. I'm thankful to live in a democracy. I am thankful to have the opportunity to vote and voice my opinion. I am thankful for the freedom I enjoy each day. I am thankful for those past and present who have given so much to ensure that freedom. I am also thankful that today means there will be an end to the political ads on TV and the phone calls that have plagued our number for the last few weeks.

Both of our girls also voted today. Miss A voted at her elementary school where her class voted to reelect President Obama. Miss A knew in advance that they'd be voting today. She was excited to voice her opinion, although I'm not sure what her selection process was. Miss K voted at her preschool where the winner was Mitt Romney (or "Red" as Miss K told me). Miss K didn't know about this event ahead of time but proudly showed me her Weekly Reader when I picked her up. Sure enough, there with a red circle around his headshot was Mitt Romney. While I'm reasonably certain her selection process had something to do with the color a graphic designer (randomly?) put around his head there may be more to it, who knows. In any case she was VERY excited about her choice and probably would have done whatever she could to get others to choose her candidate as well. 

The conversation the rest of the afternoon after picking up each daughter was primarily about the election and the candidates. I was a bit surprised at how involved they each were. They are both tucked into their beds as I type. Mr. M and I are watching election coverage and we may or not make it late enough to hear who wins. The girls will definitely not be awake. So we assured them both that we'll turn on TV or look at the newspaper tomorrow morning to see who wins.

I may have to pull out the video camera because should "Red" lose Miss K will have one worthwhile reaction of pure disappointment/anger/frustration. It may even include an "Oh, Applesauce!", which is her latest phrase of choice when upset about something (picture it with a swing of the fist across her chest). I have no idea where it came from but its probably better than what I just about said today when we were nearly locked out of the house! But I digress....

This prayer was posted on Facebook by a friend today. It really sums up my thoughts this evening.

Father, I pray that no matter who is elected, your will be done.

With gratitude,
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