With gratitude

Thankfulness Challenge Day 19.

Yesterday's candle post reminded me of something I am very, very thankful for. It's been a place for me to go with a sleeping, quiet baby and stroll around. It's been an escape from my house after a crazy day with kids. There have been a few nights when Mr. M has walked through the door and I've quickly said I'm heading here for awhile. I've run into many a fellow mom strolling the aisles picking up what they need or browsing. I've spent hours there looking at everything. I've been asked, on more than one occasion, where something in the house has come from. The answer is often...


I'm thankful its there. I can pickup groceries, diapers, clothes, toys or whatever I may need in one stop when I have kids with me. I can grab a diet coke at the snack bar and stroll the aisles for an hour now and again just to look or get ideas. It's almost meditative...you will understand that if you need an escape but also have errands to run! It may be strange but I'm very thankful for that place.

With gratitude,
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