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Who wouldn't want this???


Back seat conversation of the day

Today the girls and I were heading to a lunch playdate with good friends. On the way, while stopped at a red light, a dog was quietly leaning out a slightly open window to enjoy the sights and, I suppose, smells of summertime. I told the girls to look out Miss K's window and check him out. Here is the conversation that followed.

Miss A: Mom, when I grow up I'm going to have a little dog.

Me: Sure, Miss A. You sure can.

Miss K: I want to have a chicken.

Miss A and Me: What?!?!?!!??? (There were quickly a few chuckles too).

Miss K: A chicken. A little chick to cuddle.

In between chuckles, I did try to explain that while little chicks are cute and cuddly you would have a tough time trying to cuddle or even wrangle a grown-up chicken. Oh well, let her think what she wants. As with many three year-olds I'm sure her dreams will be completely different by tomorrow.
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