With gratitude

Thankfulness Challenge Day 7.

Spring forward, fall back. Yeah! Today we got to fall back. I am thankful to be 'gaining' an hour today. Hopefully my girls will decide sleeping in sounds good. We could all use a little extra sleep. Regardless it will be a nice long day of relaxation and hopefully a couple of projects to get me feeling a bit more caught up.

All my thinking about time made me think of clocks. I've been keeping my eyes open for neat clocks lately. I think a big, over sized one would be fun for our fireplace at the lake. I also seem to be noticing clocks and displays of them in more places. I'm sure its just because I've been looking for one. Anyway, this clock is at Pier One Imports. On another store shelf they had the best display of clocks, all sizes and shapes. They'd be great on a mantle somewhere.

Can't you just picture this up high on a fireplace? The only thing is changing a dead battery might not be much fun...

What will you do with your 'extra hour' today? Make it count!

With gratitude,
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