Coming soon...

August was a very exciting month for our family. I promise to catch up and write about it very soon.

One of our exciting events was the wedding of my cousin and his new bride. Our girls were priviledged to be flower girls. More to follow....

I promise to be in touch soon!

A few favorites

So I wanted 'a few favorites' to be a part of my blog. I happen to be a lover of many things and an avid shopper (to the chagrin of my dear husband). Once in awhile I'll share something I've found that I love. I may have purchased it and be using it or I may just love it and hope to find an occasion to use it one day. Or I may just really like something about it and want to share it with you.

My first today is this fabulous lip balm/gloss/SPF protection from freshI'd been seeing it in many, many magazines and had already tried the plain (no color) version which I loved. This incarnation is Rose and lovely.

  • Silky, not sticky

  • Has just enough color to make it look like you've been tasting a Popsicle (perfect for summer!)

  • Has SPF 15 which is an extra good-for-you step.

Now I've started seeing a plum addition. Guess what I'll be getting when fall rolls around!

Secondly and not nearly as exciting but oh-so important is a great facial cleanser. Trust me, I have tried LOTS and LOTS of them. I've also discovered in the last couple of years that I tend to have dry skin. So...while reading a dermatologist-written book I discovered CeraVe cleanser and lotion. The bonus of the whole deal is its available at drugstores and locally for me at CVS pharmacy/drugstore. That also means no shipping and handling and a reasonable price, hooray!

My first favorites but definitely not my last. What are some of your favorites?
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