Birthday treats

It was recently a special man's birthday. Since I had come across a great Father's Day treat idea in Family Fun magazine I decided we'd give it a try for this occasion. Click here for complete directions. The following are pictures of our masterpieces!

First, bake cupcakes or brownies in silver foil muffin liners. So far, so good!

Then you make the grill grid. I was going to mix my own black frosting but it comes in a handy, dandy tube that's ready to go!

Now comes the creative, fun, free-hand part. We found caramels, fruit slices, taffy, hot tamales and toothpicks. That was all we needed to create steaks, hamburgers, cheeseburger and hot dogs.

Don't forget the grill marks!

Viola! You have a great platter of mini-grills complete with greats much better than anything that comes off the grill (have I mentioned that I love sugar!).

Happy Birthday!
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