Great arms...here I come!

I mentioned in an earlier post that I really don't relish exercising. Once I'm doing it I don't mind but its not always on the top of my "what I want to do" list. However, I've been thinking for far too long that I needed to start something again.

So the half-marathon relay is in the works. My favorite brother said 'sign us up' when I mentioned it again. This means that I need to start jogging/running on a somewhat regular basis. I just have to make it through 6.5 miles by September 11. I should be able to do that, right?!?!!!

Then I decided to try something else at the same time. By 'try' I mean a real effort, i.e. follow the schedule for more than 30 days. 'Try' in this case does not mean do the workout 2-3 times and call it quits. The latter is often what happens when I come upon some workout that sounds like lots of fun.

I love toned, strong arms and have always secretly wanted them. Have you seen Kelly Ripa lately? She has fabulous arms which I occassionally have a moment to see if the television hasn't been hijacked to the Disney channel or Nickelodeon yet. Granted, she is so thin I wonder if she even exists in person (they say TV adds 10 lbs. so she must be waif-like) but the girl's arms are smokin'. I'll never get all the way there as I enjoy carbs far too much but a girl can dream, can't she?
Well, I'd heard more than once that Physique 57 was Kelly's workout of choice (plus spinning, running and the benefits of a personal chef). Have you heard of it? As luck would have it they have developed a DVD program for you try at home. I ordered it and a few days later (I think it was less than 1 week) it arrived at my door. Of course, there is more to it than just opening the box but its a great workout. Think a combination of ballet and Pilates.

It's actually a little fun. I feel like I'm really accomplishing something and making progress. I can survive the full video (57 minutes) and there is an express workout plus an arms and abs workout for those days when I can't spare a full hour.

So far, so good. Two weeks later I've done all the DVDs more than once and plan to continue as I'm starting to see results (and feel actual muscles). Stay tuned for updates!
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