7 things...

I just found a new blog and had to share. It's called the good life for less. I know, the name is so good you HAVE to check it out! I'm still reading posts but came across Jill's "7 things" post and just had to do it myself. Here are my 7 things....

1. I love Bravo TV. Real Housewives of XYZ, Rachel Zoe Project, Flipping Out, Top Chef, {dot}, {dot}, {dot} Don't ask me why...I already know I have better things to do and other things I should be doing. For some reason I love these shows and they are my escape from the day to day of mommyhood.

2. Kindergarten will be a good thing. Kindergarten will be a good thing. My new mantra. I completely understand that I will be unhappy/sad/overwhelmed for a few days but Miss A is VERY ready and VERY excited. Each morning I get an update of how many days remain until she can go to school. I'm trying to appreciate the way she says it, "...until I CAN go to school," because in a few years (or maybe a few days) it will be "...until I HAVE TO go to school". I'm going to be a bit sad but she is ready for more than I can give her at home and its time for new adventures.

3. I really like "new car smell". It probably goes back to the car dealership in my family. It's a great smell that can't really be duplicated. Guess I'll have to make a trip to the showroom soon:)

4. Carbs, carbs, carbs. I don't know what I'd do without you. Thankfully my genes allow me to enjoy you and get away with it.

5. Blogs are wonderful! Thank you to those of you who have them and share with others.

6. Even on my worst days I try to remember to be grateful for all that I have which is far more than one should enjoy and experience. I'm one lucky girl!!!

7. The Container Store could keep me occupied for nearly a full day. My closet is much more efficient and pretty since they designed it for me.

What are your 7 things? Put them in the comments or link to your blog. Can't wait to read them!
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