The greatest show on earth

So perhaps it wasn't the greatest show on earth but what spring is complete without a circus. The entire family headed out in a mid-April snow shower a few weeks ago to see the Shrine Circus. Miss A had been talking about it all week. You see, local businesses donate money which allows local school children to see the circus free of charge. I remember the same happening when I was younger. After the circus we'd write a thank you note to the business. So, more than once, Miss K heard, "We're going to the circus because I got a free ticket. I'm sure you can get one too. So that means we only have to buy two tickets for Mom and Dad." How sweet!

Before you can find a seat at the circus you must first try on your clown nose...

...and get at least one big, fresh, pink vanilla-flavored cotton candy on a stick.

Miss K and I heard on the radio Friday morning that there would be dancing pigs. She was very excited by this. So as soon as we got there she was wondering where those dancing pigs were. Thankfully they showed up in the first act. All was well with the world. We also watched a hula-hooper, tightrope walkers, elephants, tigers, funny clowns, dogs and a woman shot out of a cannon across the room (which I later heard was the favorite act according to many kindergartners).

Intermission included a trip to the concession stand for snacks (in the interest of full discloser much...ok...most...of the first cotton candy was enjoyed by mom and dad.). Miss K choose a drumstick (no surprise to anyone who knows of her love of ice cream or her drumstick-habit at hockey games). Miss A wanted Nibs (which she recently called 'Niblets'...That made me chuckle).

The final stop before the 2nd intermission of the show had to be the 'toy stand'. This features several blow-up toys (an alien, a crayon, etc.), swords, wands and other light-up toys and a Dora themed paddle with attached ball for ping-pong practice I guess. We ended up with a wonderful light-up sword, the aforementioned Dora paddle toy and then another stop yielded 2 bubble guns which I think were more a choice of Mr. M than the kids.

A fun night all for a good cause. May you all find the circus when it comes to town. Enjoy!
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