With gratitude - holiday memories

Day 2

It was just Halloween. Our Can-Can Dancer and Jessie (from Toy Story 2 & 3) had a great time. They traveled the neighborhood with Mr. M and came back with two baskets full of candy and a little excess in a Target bag that also made the trip as "overflow" storage.

Just to clarify, the girls did NOT go trick-or-treating by themselves. They headed across the street just to visit one neighbor, came right back with treats in hand and I watched them the entire time from the front door. I happen to LOVE that they held hands as they headed off. **sigh**

I stayed at our house handing out candy to the ghosts and goblins that visited us. We also enjoyed another tradition which I'm thankful for. All the grandparents and a favorite uncle have been coming in for dinner on Halloween evening the last couple of years. Now that we have a child in school making the trip to visit everyone to trick-or-treat has become challenging. Thankfully they are willing to come to our house on Halloween evening, enjoy dinner together and get a peek at our trick-or-treaters. I hope we can continue this newly formed tradition for years and years to come.

With gratitude,
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