Minnesota Nice

Mr. M, the girls and I have had the pleasure of spending time at our lake place this summer. I bought a little plaque that now sits on a bookshelf there that reads, "Heaven is a little closer in a home on the water." I've come to believe that over this summer. There is something so peaceful about looking out over that water each morning and watching the moonlight dance across the gently rocking waves in the dark evenings of northern Minnesota.

A couple of weeks ago we finally had everything ready to put the boat in the water. So we loaded up and headed over to the nearest entry point. We pulled in and immediately saw 3 kayaks sitting on the landing. Mr. M got out of the pick-up and headed over to ask them to kindly move so we could get the boat put in. Conversation ensued and when the girls and I arrived on the scene he introduced us to Bowman, Max and Rob (David is also pictured at this link but I didn't see him).

Here they are!

Turns out these three were on Day 4 of their journey down the entire Mississippi River. I've heard of people doing this but never had I met any of them. These guys were from the South (Ole Miss and yes, ma'am) and very excited to hear that they may see some wolves on the next stretch of their journey. They gave us their card and the girls and I have been following their journey ever since.

They are challenging themselves in their "yaks" and raising funds for ICM in Oxford, Mississippi and The Gardere Community Christian School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The video on their homepage tells all about it.

Take a minute to check out their website here. You can also "like" their page on Facebook and get updates and GPS locations as they stop each day. They were planning on spending 60 days on this journey.

They are nearing the end of the "Minnesota" leg of their journey. Last week, while at the lake, I read this list on their blog and had to chuckle. It's always fun to read an outsiders view of my home state.

Top 10: Facts about Minnesota
10. “Minnesota Nice” is just as amazing, if not better than southern hospitality. On the reals.

9. Every, repeat EVERY Minnesotan who has a lawn facing the river keeps it manicured to perfection. Yes, everyone. It’s almost creepy.

8. Minnesota is the only state with portages. Thank the Lord.

7. If ever you are in a shortage of Christians, they all happen to reside in abundance in northern and central Minnesota. Take your pick.

6. Violent thunderstorms will appear out of a clear sky.

5. Ice fishing tournaments and snowmobile races do exist.

4. More marriages are ended here over fishing-related disputes than alcoholism.

3. It’s ‘you guys’ not ‘y’all’ and ‘soda’ not ‘coke’.

2. They actually care about the environment and really enjoy being outside thus their public parks are off the chain.

1. Indians, pow-wows, gatherings, totems, and talismans are all real and still exist today.

Perhaps you can even donate to help their causes. Or if you have friends in the areas they will be journeying through let them know. Spread the word!!!
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