A new place for memories

So I've been meaning to post something on this for a long, long time. A combination of laziness and life's adventures has gotten in the way. It seems my days are relatively busy without blogging...go figure?!?!?!!!

There is a new place to make memories in my family. It's a great place on a beautiful lake. It is surrounded by trees that turned all of the wonderful fall colors you can imagine. Said trees also left a carpet of leaves that may take a couple of days to pick up and move somewhere. We'll get to that in a couple of weeks.

It has a wonderful fireplace that will be so fun to curl up in front of as the snowflakes fall this winter. We found a great dining room table that will hold our little family perfectly and will expand to fit family and friends for holidays, weekends and all the fun that comes along with that.

The girls love it there. In fact, every once in awhile Miss K will sadly say, "I miss the yake. Me yake." I'm also pretty sure we'll spend at least part of next summer teaching her that the entire lake is not, in fact, hers. On our one boat ride this summer she seemed to think that everyone else should leave as it was, "me yake."

The fact that both girls love it there is perhaps the best part of all. I am so excited to spend time there with them as they grow up. I hope they continue to love it there and will always return to spend time with us, our family and friends. Maybe they'll even bring their own little ones some day (far, far, far, far into the future!).

The lake is...
 ...funny faces

...awesome sunsets

...all about rock skipping

...a good place for hide-and-seek

...where Miss K finished picking all of the tomatoes left by the previous owners. She insisted Daddy needed them.

 ...has great campfires

...the appropriate place to eat a smore (note the extra large marshmallow)

...perfection in the fall

...ideal for hiding in the leaves (there are millions of leaves to rake into piles, thanks mom!)
...just plain fun!

So many, many memories to make with my family and friends for years to come. Can't wait to get started!
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