Wedded bliss

August was a big month at our house. Miss A started kindergarten. We found a new place to make memories for years to come (more on this one to come). Plus we got to celebrate a wedding and add a new member to our extended family.

Our girls even got to be part of the big day as flower girls. They were beyond excited to be included in the celebration.

The party started with a morning of pedis. Everyone got to pick their own color. Lots of little toes in warm, bubbly water. Lots of brightly painted toes in perfect shape for dancing the night away. So pretty!

Then it was off to IHOP. Nothing like pancakes to complete a morning of fun.

Practice makes perfect.

Wedding day. A beautiful, very warm, sun-shiny day. Off to the salon...not surprisingly Miss A was ready to jump up and get the curling started.

Miss K, on the other hand, was happy to wait until last and then not so sure she wanted anything to do with that funny looking chair. Fortunately a partly melted Kit Kat saved the day. Chocolate makes everything OK.

The smiling results.

Picture fun.

A beautiful ceremony. A beautiful location. A beautiful couple.

A little dancing. A few props.

Proof of a good night...Miss A's feet when she woke a bit sleepy eyed late the morning after.

Thank you J & D for including us in your celebration. We were all honored to witness a beautiful day. Miss K's flower girl dress still has a few sparkles on it after many days of wear including a few speech sessions. Nothing like a fuchsia flower girl dress to turn heads during a walk across campus.
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