Miss A has been happily enjoying an Introduction to Kindergarten class this summer. While we thought she was most certainly ready for school we decided it would be a good idea to get used to a bit of structure. Kindergarten will be all day, every day starting in August. This is sure to be a jolt to the system of a little girl who has had no schedule up to this point. Sure we have the occasional morning with an appointment or other such reason to get up and at 'em but mostly we get to relax. This means that the three women of our household have had the luxury to sleep in a bit (8 o'clock or later most mornings, yeah!) and lounge around in pajamas until such time as we feel the need to change into clothes (double yeah!!).

Since this class started at 8 o'clock we had talked about the need to wake up early. Miss A has been excited for some time to get an alarm clock. Namely a Hannah Montana, High School Musical, iCarly or other equally wonderful Disney/Nickelodeon character clock. Well, these clocks were no where to be found in late May so we had to settle for the radio she has in her room. Conveniently it can be set to play Cd's as its 'alarm'. So...our little pre-Kindergartner has been waking up to Selena Gomez (a Disney Channel star...if you are 5 years old and a girl). With the exception of 1 or 2 mornings Miss A has come downstairs each morning either sleepy and still in pj's or a little sleepy and dressed. I am VERY impressed by this.

This past week my dear husband was out of town for a couple of day. I had gotten up extra early to get organized for the day before I had to get the girls up. I looked at the clock...7:12 a.m...the alarm should have gone off. I heard no footsteps overhead so I decided to give her another minute or two and then head up to wake sleeping beauty. No sooner than I was ready to head up I heard feet hit the hardwood floor and saw a fully-dressed, hair-brushed little girl. "Hi A," I say. The reply is, "Hi Mom. Sorry I'm late!"

A bit taken aback would be an understatement! I smiled to myself and told her she most certainly didn't need to apologize. I said I was just on my way up to get her. Then on we went with breakfast (Fruit Loops with milk, please) and getting everything else ready for school.

Somehow and sometime my little girl decided she'd grow up (if only just a bit so far). She can get herself dressed, fed and ready to head out all on her own. I'm not sure how it happened, or when, but sorry is not a word I would associate with the process at all.

My little pre-Kindergartner finished up with her class today. We celebrated with a wonderful lunch and play session at McDonald's.

Miss A you are a remarkable young lady with lots of great things ahead of you. Keep getting up with that alarm clock and being prepared for the day. There are lots of great adventures ahead of you and I can't wait to watch from the sidelines.
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