With gratitude - a friend's journey

Day 7

Pretend its Monday morning....

The girls are up and eating breakfast. I'm quickly checking my email...for really no good reason, just something I tend to glance at quickly. What I saw was a quick email from a special person who has been patiently waiting on news from Africa. The girls' first dance teacher has been/is Miss Jenny. She has done a fantastic job and is a wonderful teacher. She also happens to be a mom of two lovely ladies herself. Their family of 4 has been patiently awaiting word from Africa letting them know its time to come and get a sweet boy who will soon call their home his. Jenny has blogged about their journey here. As my girls say, "oh, he's so cute!" He is and I can only imagine the homecoming he will receive shortly.

So today (and on Monday..remember we're pretending here!) I'm thankful for all the hoops that were jumped through and all the paperwork completed so these friends can bring another family member home.

With gratitude,

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