With gratitude

Thankfulness Challenge Day 10.

Little things. There were several 'little things' and/or 'little moments' today that make me very thankful. The kids get ready in the morning without a big fuss. We didn't have to battle over what everyone is going to wear today. We made it to school on time. I was lucky enough to get some Nutcracker tickets switched and it meant even better seats (Row #5...yeah!) to see our oldest dance with the Moscow Ballet. I got to steal away by yourself for a couple of hours of peaceful bliss. Dance class went well and the holiday show is just around the corner. I played piano at church school with only a couple of mistakes (give me credit as I hadn't known which Christmas music to practice!). The girls made fabulous fruit loop necklaces. I got to sit with Mark for church services. We all had a late dinner at Taco John's. Girls in bed by 8:15 p.m. Time for me to get a quick workout in. Time to relax on the couch and blog!

To most everyone its a collection of little, insignificant things. To me its a wonderful combination of things that make up all of these special days that I get to share with my girls. I realize at times these days are all so similar they run together but I wouldn't trade a single, solitary 'little thing' for all the big things in the world.

With gratitude,
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