My dear Miss A has begun kindergarten. It is so amazing to think she is already old enough especially since I'm still 24 or so (you are free to laugh here!).  She began the countdown to the first day around #25. Each day, usually several times, she would announcement the new number with a smile on her face. She would happily share it with anyone we encountered as well.

Mr. M and I decided to take her out for a special evening of school supply shopping and dinner. Fortunately we had grandparents waiting in the wings to take Miss K for a special evening. Younger sisters are not allowed on these special shopping excursions for kindergartners. Really, they are but it was nice to have some one-on-one time. So we hit Target for the essentials.

4 boxes broad tip Crayola washable markers - check
3 boxes 16 count crayons - check
8 No. 2 pencils - check
1 bottle Elmer's glue (not gel!) - check
1 6 pack dry erase markers - check
school box - check (a cardboard version complete with Ally-applied Toy Story stickers)
tablet/doodle pad, no lines for free time - check
1 box snack or sandwich size zipper bags - check
1 box Kleenex - check
1 bath towel for rest time - check*
backpack - check**

*double check, this item has been purchased since early summer when on a shopping trip with Grandma Miss A decided it was just the right pink polka dot beach towel for Kindergarten rest time.

**surprisingly she decided it was OK to use the backpack we have had for a few years. It made a trip to Disney World with us so its bound to hold good luck!

After shopping we headed to Space Aliens for dinner and lots of game playing. We finished the night and had enough tickets (when added to our stash at home) to get not one but two 'disco ball' light things. They are arcade-fabulous and perfect for a dance party when the mode strikes you!

Someone who had been growing her hair out for a year decided that she was going to cut her hair off 'after two days of school'. Then the weekend before school as we were headed to the salon to get "flower girl ready" she said she wanted to get it done tomorrow. Needless to say before we left the salon the Saturday before school started Ally had arranged an appointment for Monday morning to get her hair cut!

Next off to a lunch at Paradiso. Gotta love the statues there.

We packed up all the school supplies and headed out. We found Ally's room, dropped off all of her supplies in her desk and found everything on her teacher's scavenger hunt list. Off to the gym to deposit some lunch money into her account (to which she needed to memorize the 6-digit number so she'll be able to eat!).

Little sister had to help out as well.

We met Mr. M and my brother for dinner following the open house. One last chance for a night out before we all had to start getting up early.

Now onto school. Miss A got out of bed all on her own and got dressed in the outfit she had chosen the evening before. After a breakfast of champions (fruit loops and milk), she got shoes on and we headed to the front porch for the traditional first day of school pictures.

We decided to walk to school the first day. So off we went. A few minutes later we were standing at the doorway. I think she struggled to contain her excitement while I struggled to contain a few tears.

That was that! She happily began to color at her desk (markers, not crayons!) and I headed out the door. Mr. M, Miss K and I walked back home. I kept the few tears I shed in until we were a good 20 feet down the sidewalk. Thankfully Miss K and I had a play date to head off to. It was a great distraction and a good way to get through the morning. After a couple of errands it was time to get home for an early nap.

I have to say while it was quiet at home I knew Miss A was having a wonderful time at school and Miss K seemed to enjoy her alone time with me. I certainly did!

All of a sudden it was time to head back to school so off we went to get Miss A. This picture was taken as Miss A headed over to us in the hallway. She even bent down to give Miss K a hug and squeeze in the stroller. Ahhhhhh...gotta love that!  

Miss A,

May your day be filled with blessings,
like the sun that lights the sky,
and may you always have the courage
to spread your wings and fly.

You've heard that a thousand times from me and while its a bummer our all-day time at home is over you are more than ready to spread those wings. I can't wait to hear your stories and see what you learn. I'm so glad I can be there at the end of the day and look forward to our after-school time together. Enjoy kindergarten! 

Love, Mom
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