With gratitude

Thankfulness Challenge Day 12.

This whole blogging thing is relatively new to me. I have to say I've loved it and am glad I began. Hopefully it will be a record of things we've done, said or enjoyed. I'll be able to look back one day and remember (something that seems harder to do these days).

I began my own blog only after spending many, many hours looking at those of others. I'm thankful to all these amazing people who blog about things that inspire them, things they do, things their families or kids say and all the other wonderful between.

Here are a few pictures from recent favorite posts.

What a cute little girl's room, right?!?!?! Holly at Life in the Fun Lane refinishes furniture. She also love white and has a nearly all white house. If I didn't think everything would turn black or shades of chocolate (thanks to Miss K) quickly I'd do it at home.

What do these ingredients make??? Apparently cheap dry shampoo. I have yet to try it but Allison at Petit Elefant has tried it and says it works! Allison loves to travel and can describe a hotel like no other. She also has great ideas for beauty products, clothes and kid-friendly projects. I'll let you know if and when I get around to trying said shampoo idea.

So she is a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e. This is Leslie from a room somewhere. This picture is one of her 'what I wore Wednesday' posts. These posts seem to be popping up all oer! Anyway, she's got a great sense of style in clothes (check out many, many more pictures on her blog), home furnishings and all other things cute.

So...I'm thankful for blogs. There are many, many more that I read when I have a chance. What blogs do you follow?
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