With gratitude

Thankfulness Challenge Day 20.

I had the good fortune of dancing as I grew up. My mom spent hours in the car driving me, waiting for me and sewing/altering costumes, pointe shoes, etc. Thanks Mom!

Now its my turn. The girls both dance and its been so much fun. They both started when they were about 18 months old. Mommy & Me classes started and I got to dance with them. It was such a joy! Even dancing on stage for the recitals (the only requirement for the mommy costumes were all black!).

This year Miss K is on her own. No more Mommy & Me. I just get to watch now and its great and awful all at once. She can do it by herself now...she doesn't need me anymore. This growing up stuff is  for the birds!

Then there is Miss A. She has dancing in her soul. I've gotten compliments on her dancing since she started and she continues to prove herself all the time. She'll soon be dancing with the Moscow Ballet in the Nutcracker. She's a french girl. We'll see how it all turns out!

Dance as if no one is watching!

With gratitude,
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