With gratitude

Thankfulness Challenge Day 14, 15 & 16.

A little behind but I'm still here. We've been getting ready for a little adventure so you'll have to excuse me. Other things were more pressing. I have found it fun though that throughout the days I am always thinking of things I am thankful for. Much better than thinking about the things I could complain about on a daily basis.

Friends. New, long-time, young, old I'm thankful for you all. I've been blessed with so many wonderful friends over the years. Some of you I've known for years and we've been through many of the same experiences. Some I've met through strange twists of fate and we've stayed connected for some reason or another. I love that there are many of you I can meet up with once or twice a year and its as though we've never been apart. Thank you for your friendship!

Family. I have a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful family. Immediate and distant you are all so fantastic. Thank you for your laughter, tears, help, support, prayers, lessons and smiles. This past year has proven to me once again how necessary a great support system is. I'm thankful for terrific people who help us through.

Parents. Kind of the same as family but a special 'thankful' to them. Ours have helped us out more than any four people probably should. They are always there though and thank goodness! It even means that occasionally Mr. M and I get to travel and the kiddos get to have 'sleepovers' with grandparents. Thankful!
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