With gratitude - pinning, pinning and more pinning

I guess we'll just have to continue my exercise in gratitude for awhile. I thought of many things I am grateful for each day in November and have since. Unfortunately, there isn't enough time in a day lately to get it all blogged!

A dear friend called one day and asked me if I'd heard of Pinterest. I hadn't! She said I should really check it out. So I did. I checked it out. I requested an invitation. I received said invitation. I spent hours pouring through pins. I became hooked. I may now be addicted!

Pinterest is an online visual scrapbook of the Internet. You can create boards to organize ideas for the home, DIY crafts/projects, clothes, jewelry, etc. Pictures accompany the ideas which are linked back to the original source, such as a blog. It's like your 'favorites' list in pictures. It's awesome!

If you haven't checked out Pinterest.com you really, really should.

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