With gratitude - my black piano

Day 11

I've written before about my black piano. That dear piano got a good dusting last evening. It was desperately needed, trust me!

Anyway it has been getting a bit more play time lately. I've been taking time to sit and play more. The holiday season and its wonderful music inspire me a bit more this time of year. Miss A has also been heading to the bench more and more often to plunk/play away. She even asks me occasionally to come and play a duet...ahhhh.

I'm also playing piano for church school again this year. I did this for many years in high school and started again when Miss A began her church school years. It's been a joy to play each morning. First, its a good excuse for me to play on occasion. Second, I feel like I'm contributing something. Third, there are few sounds better than a group of kids ages 3-8 singing, "May God bless you, may God keep you, may God bless and keep you, another year through." They sing that pretty much every week as a second verse to "Happy Birthday to You!" when we recognize all the kiddos who have celebrated their birthday that week.

I'm thankful that I learned to play piano. It has served me very well and provided a means of giving back for which I am very grateful.

With gratitude,

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