With gratitude - waves of grain

Day 4

Almost caught up!

Today I'm thankful for 'amber waves of grain'. I took this picture in August as the girls and I were making a quick trip out to visit Mr. M. He was busy combining the wheat. School was almost back in session which meant time together was limited for several reasons. I spent many hours riding with him before the girls came along and there was more time. Now our visits are shorter and the cab more cramped. However, the time is still precious.

The barn is in the yard of Mr. M's aunt and uncle's home which is also where his grandma lived for a time. It's old. The paint is chipped. I think it's beautiful.

The whole scene reminds me of how lucky I am to live where there are beautiful fields, spaces to roam, kind people and generations of families who have made it a special place to raise the next generation.

With gratitude,

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