A few favorites

So I wanted 'a few favorites' to be a part of my blog. I happen to be a lover of many things and an avid shopper (to the chagrin of my dear husband). Once in awhile I'll share something I've found that I love. I may have purchased it and be using it or I may just love it and hope to find an occasion to use it one day. Or I may just really like something about it and want to share it with you.

My first today is this fabulous lip balm/gloss/SPF protection from freshI'd been seeing it in many, many magazines and had already tried the plain (no color) version which I loved. This incarnation is Rose and lovely.

  • Silky, not sticky

  • Has just enough color to make it look like you've been tasting a Popsicle (perfect for summer!)

  • Has SPF 15 which is an extra good-for-you step.

Now I've started seeing a plum addition. Guess what I'll be getting when fall rolls around!

Secondly and not nearly as exciting but oh-so important is a great facial cleanser. Trust me, I have tried LOTS and LOTS of them. I've also discovered in the last couple of years that I tend to have dry skin. So...while reading a dermatologist-written book I discovered CeraVe cleanser and lotion. The bonus of the whole deal is its available at drugstores and locally for me at CVS pharmacy/drugstore. That also means no shipping and handling and a reasonable price, hooray!

My first favorites but definitely not my last. What are some of your favorites?

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